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Stress to Success

To radically shift your reality, you must be willing to choose something you have never done before


You're busy, stressed and need a "re-set". You need more peace, calm and clarity but have no idea where or how to begin. "Traditional", for you, doesn't fit. If you said yes to these statements, then you have come to the right place!

Restorative Yoga

Bring yourself back to balance and harmony. Release the energy you have picked up from others, environments and events. Awaken your body's innate healing abilities through deep relaxation. This powerful and unique offering is more than just poses and can be life changing.


Meditation Program for Beginners

Enrollment Currently Open



*you are ready for change

*you have tried everything to get through the overwhelm without the results you want

*the weight of the world, your business, your clients, is heavy on your shoulders without relief

*It is difficult to focus, to breathe, or to trust again in the world


I’m so glad that you found me!  I am here to bring you a calm presence and find clarity during tumultuous times.

Working with me, you will feel nurtured, grounded and learn scientifically proven tools to transform into one who can:

FLOW and THRIVE in an ever changing world.

like surfing the tides, the highs and lows, with more ease.


Through your commitment to learning and using the tools I teach, you will:

REPLENISH your spirit,

bring yourself OUT OF FEAR,

INCREASE your intuition

TRUST in yourself

so that you can

make business and personal choices in your life with more confidence

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. “

– Rumi


What Nathalie's Clients are Saying:

Catherine Katic

Catherine Katic

"Nathalie has a true gift and we are so blessed that she chooses to share it. She can read & see things you don't even know lie hidden within you. Working with her has changed my life"

Melanie Choi

Melanie Choi

"I felt the healing energy right away & felt more clear-headed & energetic after my session"



"I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. I've practiced Restorative Yoga with many teachers & your classes, by far, exeeds any previous teaching."

Dominique Sy

Dominique Sy

"My tension melted away & I felt instantly rejuvenated, lovingly supported & balanced."

Lara McCulloch

Lara McCulloch

"Nathalie is a natural & has such a peaceful & caring approach to everything she does. I'd recommend her to anyone."

Sue Pepe

Sue Pepe

"Nathalie has a way of making all the stress & pressures of life seem far, far away! My session with her was simply amazing!"



“I have to tell you that you are incredible. Your energy and class is amazing. I’m so grateful that I found you. Thank you!”



"I felt so relaxed and peaceful the rest of the day.
I look forward to the next one.”

Kate Lynn

Kate Lynn

SO helpful! I highly recommend this beautiful soul!

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