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Watch this short video to see what you can use around the house!


If you don’t have all of the “yoga props” that is ok!

Possible House props:

  1. 4 large towels
  2. 1 blanket to cover yourself
  3. couch pillows or rectangular pillows
  4. bath robe belt or tie or any belt
  5. chair, stool or couch
  6. wall to put your legs on (or chair)
  7. eye pillow, or you can use a small face towel

Possible Yoga Props:

  1. Bolsters (1 or 2)
  2. Sturdy Blankets 3 or more
  3. 2 Blocks (but not necessary)
  4. Yoga strap (but we can get by without it)
  5. Eye Pillow
  6. couch, chair or wall within reach to put your legs on


  1. crystals that you like to work with. 
  2. essential oils / diffuser
  3. gentle music in the background that you like